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Originally Posted by garandman View Post
Brakes and tires on the 250/2500/any other commercial vehicle are going to be expensive. They are D or E load rating tires and nowadays most shops won't put anything else on.

The E150 / Express 1500 have lighter duty components. Hardly anyone drives them as the cost difference is minimal and they don't last for 200K miles.

We insulate ours but at least around here that is uncommon. I ordinarily sleep on a camping pad and would go to a cot rather than a fixed installation as then it will always be in the way.

Thanks for the feedback!! i like your insulation job. Was it a noticeable difference in comfort? wopuld you do it again and if so do it any different second time around? Ballpark price on the insulation? Is it just tech screwed in or taped?

So the lighter duty 1/2 ton components wear quicker than the 3/4 and 1 ton stuff (kingpins, brakes, steering etc.)???
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