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Originally Posted by mickd View Post
well i had my first PITA on the 690 today,having a nice easy ride in mt mee,the 690 stalled with a loud "POP" and a PSHHHHHHH, the sound came from under the air box area,so i had a good look around only to find the rubber boot had came away (see pic) and also the airbox was pushed back towards the battery
bike is a 2012,with less than 2000ks with a akro slip on inc akro mapping.

1, so what would make this happen,
2, is there a fix for this,cos i dont want it to happen again (PITA)
3, has there been a recall for this

Mine did it too. 2012. I think it was because I was being impatient, and blipping the throttle to quickly while starting. I have been sure to keep my hand off the throttle when starting since, and have not had a repaeat...
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