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Talking new tires, different friends

Nice to hear from a fellow Pole! FYI I ride a WR250R, mid pack.
I've been on several ADV rides & we're always a band of brothers. Help for a mechanical issue or flat is always cheerfully given (except once when someone showed on a half broken bike). I think the attitudes need to be adjusted. You could decide to not let this bother you & keep riding with the group (adjust your attitude) & keep learning. You could get the group together or maybe a few you know the best & talk it over (adjust their attitude), buy some drinks. Find others to ride with & see how it goes. Ride by yourself if you think it's safe.
Might want to confirm your tires, tire pressure are set up for sand. Ride sand more often to get better. Ask to try the lighter bikes in the group - how's the fast guy ride on your heavy bike?
When I used to mountain bike with a group, I'd do hillclimbs again while slower riders walked up. Kept the group together & enjoyed a better workout. I'd make sure everyone is in agreement on how to do this safely before just trying it.
Age doesn't matter; bike weight does but you've got a great one. Here's something to aspire to:
Highland Park Hare Scramble on KTM 950RSE

Thanks for the motivation - I'll be sending a few PM's to faster riders I've learned from. StoLot & Happy Trails!

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Hi there

I am riding motorcycles for more then 6 years now and started riding offroad once i got my Ktm adv - which is about 1 year now. I do trails, nasty uphills, gravel and all. I even do sand (we do have a sort of small desert in Poland). I try to ride as much as i can, but need to limit it to weekends only - for obvious reasons.

I ride with a couple of good guys on, respectively, lc4 and xr650. I do stay behind a lot. I do lose control on sand (although i try not to as much as i can), i still have problems with deep ruts and sharp turns on the trail (especially if on the hill - mainly uphill).

Im in my 30s and i keep hearing that maybe i am too old for offroad, that i will never learn how to do it properly.. Especially from those guys - who ride 20y+

Is that true? Will my skills stop improving and should i give up and stick to pavement? I love offroad, i really do, but such comments from experienced riders kind of blast my enthusiasm away...
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