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If you want to be covered, get the 20 degree bag,—mine was a 40 degree summer bag. I've been told and from research that you have to add 10-15 degrees the bag rating depending on how your hot or cold you run. If theres not strange weather patterns, I think a summer rated bag or at least a 30 degree bag should be ok.

I think the lowest temp at night it got was around 25 (+/–3) degrees for those 3 frigid days in Oregon.

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I have no worries riding in the cold-I'm well prepared for that. I just came back from a week long trip where it was never above 24F in the morning (camping)and was usually in the low to mid 30's during the day. The reason I asked that question was so I could figure out what type of sleeping bag I will need,because I plan to camp the tat unless I know I'll be in the rain. My sleeping system left me a little cold in the 20's, so I'm trying to decide if it's worth buying and carrying a 20 degree bag for this trip.
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