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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
Thanks for the feedback!! i like your insulation job. Was it a noticeable difference in comfort? wopuld you do it again and if so do it any different second time around? Ballpark price on the insulation? Is it just tech screwed in or taped?

So the lighter duty 1/2 ton components wear quicker than the 3/4 and 1 ton stuff (kingpins, brakes, steering etc.)???
This is again - this is the second van I've done and a buddy did his as well. It makes a huge difference.

I want to an outfit that makes sound deadening material for the marine industry. It's really expensive (about $12 per running foot, 54" wide) but they had "reel ends" - 5' to 10' sections that I was able to buy for less. This stuff is 2" thick self-adhesive flame-retardant foam with Mylar covering.

Many of the other van insulation setups I saw didn't dampen sound, absorbed moisture, weren't flame-retardant or all of the above.

On the wheel wells I put some of their multi-layer damping material. You can buy stuff like that at auto sound shops also - lining the wheel wells makes a huge difference. The noise in an unlined cargo van on the highway in the rain is something else.

The vast majority of cargo vans sold are the 250/2500 grade. The 350/3500's are usually either passenger models or for very heavy equipment. The 150/1500's are for - florists? Most of the local dealers don't stock more than one or two of those. They're no bargain.
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