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Originally Posted by jgiacobbe View Post
How many carbs? I just used vinyl tubing filled with oil for a twin. Never had anything with more cylinders and I don't remember you having anything with that many carbs.


I used oil instead of water because it doesn't break things if it gets sucked into the engine. I didn't bother with the board on mine. I would just loop the tubing over the handle bars.

I guess if my bikes didn't have FI, you would think I rode a KLR.

Of course if you have something with more than 2 carbs or TB, then this is completely of no use.
Not true.

Multi 4-cylinder bike carb banks are divided in two sections, a left bank, and a right bank, and they each have balance screws.

Balance the left two, then balance the right two. Once that is done, connect your device to one of the carbs on the left, and one of the carbs on the right - then - balance the two banks with the central balance adjuster.

Same concept as using a TwinMax.

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