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I think one of the reasons people like to ride Mexico is when you push things a little. For example, if you are going to cover over 500kms and be back by 1pm, you've got to get up a little early and do a little riding in the dark. Just a taste before the sun comes up. When you're alone, this can really put you in the right frame of mind. That little edge that you'll use all day. It can help you deal with things like cows playing soccer.
It an udder shame I couldn't stay to watch.

The new Xalapa bypass has some nice views, beats the heck out of looking at the back end of a Sabritas truck, potholes, shopping malls, and more potholes.

Di trece! Trece? Si, trece, porque tu rabo se crece! Old joke.

Later, to get to the real magic, after having ridden through a 16th century city or two, you are on the trail of the Calavera.

Some more teasing for Schizz and the Tejas gueros!

How good is it? Well, I went back again this weekend and I'll be heading back next weekend, too.
You finish up way past the last ridge in the photo. Yeehaw!
Like most riding in Mexico, it gets real addictive, real quick.
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