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Originally Posted by Wallachian Spikes View Post
Get with the times man. "Enduro" hasn't meant "street plated" since the 70's man. The term today is "Dual Sport" or "Dual Purpose". KTM & Husqvarna both offer some great "Enduro" bikes that are plated but, in my opinion they aren't true D.S. or D.P. bikes any more than a multi-cylinder "adventure" bike is.

Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a personal need list for what they want and need out of a bike...but you can't really pick and choose which bikes get which label (well, i guess you can in your own head...). If it goes in the dirt and is legal for the's a friggin dual sport or dual purpose bike. Period.

Your personal idea of a perfect 50/50 dual sport is different from mine
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