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Well, there's a simple fix: book a plane ticket home for 6 months after you arrive. You can deal with any kind of fucknut for 6 months, worst case is you bail when its time to fly home.

I rode to Fairbanks, Alaska (which might as well be a different country than anywhere in the lower 48) last March with nothing but a job offer for seasonal work, my WR250R, and all I owned strapped in a duffel bag on the bag. By far the best decision I've ever made in my life! I actually liked the job, but better yet the contacts I made there got me a pretty good full-time gig up here when I decided that I liked the place and wanted to stay. Finding a pretty girl when I got up here was just icing on the cake. She likes Re and Colin's Underboning ride report too...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If all you come back with are memories, a few scars, and short a few dollars, are you really that much worse off?
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