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In planning for some panniers, and looking at options from Givi, and the E21 panniers are seemingly a nice option for smaller size.

Anyone have this model and are they made as well as the rest of the Givi cases?

Yes! I have these on my hornet and they are GREAT. They are as low profile as i could get for my relatively svelt bike and are on the SWMotech rack, not the Givi, which I got because I first had a top case (v460) only and you could not add on side cases afterwards with the Givi rack without buying a whole new rack. The only "issue" I've had is that the clip in from rack to bag is so tight that I cannot get them off the rack without fear of breaking the Givi bits (which I was told by a Givi rep are replaceable if that were to happen). But I have no need to ride the bike with just the rack, so on the very rare occasion I need to take the bags off (usually to get to something else on the bike) I just take off the bags with the rack still attached, as they are quick release anyway. Super fast and easy.

Oh, and, because the fit is so close with the SWM rack, it bulges the plastic edge on the lower part of the bag so you do sorta have to push the top part of case out a bit when closing it to get around the outer lip of the lower part of the case (again, tightness of rack to case with the SWM. Apparently the Givi rack is a flawless fit). I do not find it much of an issue and the bags have been solid for me and don't come off they are so functional. I can cram an amazing amount of stuff in them and think I could no longer contemplate having a bike without a full set up of some kind.

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