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IMHO,,,regarding why the 21'' works better in the dirt...

Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
woody, maybe i wasn't clear in my statement. do you think the favorable reports on 21" DS wheels is due to the only slightly larger inflated tire diameter or the much smaller cross section tire width, or both?
well for starters the 21 does not have a ''slightly larger'' inflated tire diameter...i just measured several variants of 21'' and 19'' tire diameters...FYI,,,the average 21'' measures 28'' OA as opposed to 26'' for the 19'' set-up...that alone accounts for the smoother ride in the dirt

the 21'' front wheel assy is generically circa one pound lighter than the 19''s.. and with proper choice of hubs/discs/rims have been able to make them 2-4+ lbs that is significant because that all equates to less un-sprung weight...which of course makes it easier to loft the front end and makes the ride more supple.

i'll need to get a more definitive ie scientific answer regarding what the narrower rim does [truth is i have customers banging at my door who need my attention NOW] to be cont'd
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