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Originally Posted by Snapper View Post
Awesome.... and you left that out of your post above? I'm probably going to go with a Sawtooth with small stove, trying to decide on the liner or not (not crazy about the additional cost, weight, set-up but condensation sucks). Not sure I'm going to be a hard core snow camper yet, but I'd like to extend the season by a few months before and after the bugs hit.

I can imagine it begin awesome for bike camping in the early spring and late fall... nothing like relaxing with the warmth.
I didn't mention it for two reasons:
1. I've not used it yet, it might be junk (although I suspect not!)
2. I didn't want to create the impression you *need* one. Maybe for -30 camping you do need that sort of tent, but my 150 Vango has done just fine in snow.

I researched the buggery out of it before hitting "buy" and was torn as to whether or not to get the liner. The shipping and custom charges sealed the deal; it was going to be so much to order it separately "after the fact" if it turned out I did need it after all, that it seemed crazy not to.

I mostly camp in Western/Northern Europe and it tends to get damp here. After hitting buy, I came across lots of Brits/Europeans who were saying that they were terrible without the liners, but that the liners were incredible:
  • Reflect light really well (useful in the brown rather than white) making your torch/lantern/stove light a lot more effective.
  • Made it another couple of degrees warmer inside.
  • Completely cured the condensation, also fairly uniquely for liners, you can brush up against them and they keep moisture on the other side.
Only downsides (other than cost/weight) is supposed to be they can make it feel a little smaller inside. Given the last point in the 'pluses' above, I've heard that the trick is just to stuff your kit up against it around the edge to hold it back and give you a bit more room.

I only discovered most of the above after hitting buy. Glad I opted to go for it now.

Assuming the tipi is completed, ships and clears customs in time, I'll be using mine for a 2 day hike and also for a motorcycle winter rally, all in late Jan/early Feb in the mountains. Snow and below freezing temps will be likely.

It's not just to make winter camping more enjoyable though, I also got it to extend the season my other half will tag along. She feels the cold worse than anyone I've ever met (seriously; 3 layers in summer! ) and until now, we've adopted a model of we camp in summer and she uses my winter bag/mat, when I am using my summer kit. I am hoping the tipi will allow her to tag along in some late spring/early fall trips.

Sawtooth looks great, I think I'd go for the small stove in that too, based on what I've read. Looks like a really neat lightweight solution. If I really love the 6 man, I may well go for one of those for one or two night solo trips.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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