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We bought a new Toyota yesterday.
Went to the dealership to look at a used 2010 Rav4 & a used 2010 Forrester that they had on the lot. Rav4 had a deposit put on it about 10 minutes before we got there, and we weren't impressed with the Subaru.
We were prepared to move on to our next shopping location when the salesman said "You know, its end of year, we have a lot of rebates and good financing available, I bet I can make a deal on a new one that is at least as good as what you were going to pay for this two year old one. I know its not what you were looking for, but if I can't do it I'm more than happy to wish you luck in your search."
Up to this point, he had been nice, informative, honest, competent, and seemingly genuine. So I gave him a shot at it.

They ended up printing up the invoice sheets for the car we wanted, gave us an extremely fair trade value, worked in some extra rebates and got us great financing. We are paying less for a brand new car (11 miles when we drove it off the lot) than were expecting for a 2 year old with 23k miles. There were no back and forth games, they came out with "These are our numbers, here is what we can give you in trade (first offer was very good, more than we expected or that any of the online tools led us to believe was possible), and here is the rest of what we can do for you.

I went out to buy a used car, he sold me a new one, all because he was honest, genuine, and informative without feeling like we were entering a combat zone. AND when its time to replace my GLI, I'm already pretty sold on a Tacoma Prerunner. Guess where I'm spending my money? He sold more than one car yesterday.
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