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Originally Posted by Sierra Thumper View Post
I don't want my wife to ride solo and neither does she......she loves riding behind me on my busa ( ) and the only reason she'd ever consider riding solo is because I wanted her to.
I think alot of wives ride solo because their husbands push them to...or they're trying to spend time with their husbands by taking up the hobby. Honestly I think its a rare lady that truly wants to ride solo herself....I just don't think its something that thrills most ladies.

Let her sell the bike and just be a'd be amazed how nice it can be sometimes having your wife holding onto you as you're cruising through beautiful vista's. I enjoy my high speed solo riding (what busa owner doesn't ) but I also enjoy riding with the wife.
And btw I've had her up to 165mph gps on a nice desert road and she loved you don't ALWAYS have to go slow with the wifey
She rode back seat for the first 4 years of our relationship. One day she up and decided to take the basic course on base and bought a bike... I was supportive- and she does like to ride ride. Up to this point, there hasn't been even a close call. She rides to work at least twice a week and we do weekend rides to Bisbee and Nogalas. She went from a Yamaha 250, to a Star 650, to the Ninja 650R. We had it lowered 1.5 inches for her to touch.

I like her on the pillion- but she has a bit of an independent streak.

I expect her to be back in the saddle soon.
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