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Originally Posted by Bonerov View Post
I finally received an email response about my security screw issue. The person agreed with me that it sounds like the screw is too short, but suggested that I just put in a longer one. I had to reply to him that I liked the Torx screw, as it provides a small amount of security. Replacement would be a pain in the butt, as it requires disassembly of the mount, and would eliminate the security aspect of the "security screw." I asked him if there was any way that they could simply replace the mount. We'll see what he replies. Here is the email he sent me:

Dear Aaron,

Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I would be glad to help
you with this.

I believe I have an understanding regarding the situation you currently
have, but to be sure a video may help (if you do not mind).

Additionally, it may be a case where the screw could unfortunately be
too short. At a local hardware store you should be able to find a longer
screw (M3 x 6mm long screw) which will fit the mount. Please let me know
if this remedies the trouble.

With Best Regards,

Matt S
Product Support Specialist
Outdoor/Fitness Team
Garmin International
913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Matt S, Associate #6042
I had the same issue on one of my two mounts....I ended up taking it part and removing the washer. That gives it just enough length to engage the threads....
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