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I've been chasing a decel wobble that I thought was tire/balance related but after retightening the roller ball bearing headset more than I wanted to, it has gotten less severe. I'm going to point the finger squarely at those as the cause. Maybe they got hammered when they got loose? Who knows? I don't feel any notchiness or binding but I'll be revisiting this when I get the roller bearings. I've been setting tension on steering heads for a long time but have been spoiled by non budget foo-foo hardware since the crap-bike pee-wee days of my kid's MX racing adventures.

Meanwhile, both hands on the bars on decel from 50 to 40 MPH!

Oh yeah, both top triple clamp pinch bolts dissappeared. I recall tightening them by hand as I figured being too tight wasn't a problem like on lower clamps with inverted forks. Well, the torque wrench came off the wall and a pair of Husqvarna bolts went in. How long they stay is yet to be determined.

The high frequency vibration is alive and well now, I admit I didn't feel it the first several hundred miles, probably numb from the KTM 950?

I expect more stuff to get loose and fall off. When the fairings come off next week I'll be checking the engine mount bolts and adding lock tite everywhere. Hopefully a mount came loose and I wasn't imagining the totally vibe free smoothness I thought it had day 1.

Bolted in the All Balls tapered roller bearings today, not the nightmare it is said to be. I didn't need to touch the fairings at all. Top clamp pushed forward & tied out of the way, wheel, caliper, fender and mount (that should be a frigging brace since they went to the trouble of building it so complex anyway!!!) the forks drop out, the bottom triple falls thru and simply swap the bearings.

Wobble is gone, steering precision is WAY up!!!

Do this bearing replacement. It makes the bike feel so much more stable and smooth, no comparison to stock. Absolutely excellent mod. It brings the bike up from bargain basement bicycle to actually feeling like a precision motorcycle. Is it THAT fookin hard to do this at the factory?

Under $40 and 2 hours of slow paced wrenching start to finish.
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