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Originally Posted by everetto View Post
Tough crowd! Dallara, are those CZs? You know what they say about CZs; CZs seize easy! (and Maico Breako!)

Hmmmm... I dunno'... I raced 'em back in the '70's, and we run 'em now in AHRMA and Texas EVO vintage racin', and we've never seized one yet! Certainly they're at least as reliable as a Mosler...

I own 5 CZ's (and heaven only knows how many parts, frames, special tools, etc., etc. for 'em). Some we race, and others are just for display. I can't actually race them myself any longer... Broken back, bad knees, two complete hip replacements, etc. have ended that, but I put 'em out there and an ol' competitor of mine and good friend, Wade Woodall, rides 'em for me.

Over the past few years we've won a couple of Texas State EVO Expert titles with 250's...

And just this past season we won the AHRMA Classic 125 Expert Vintage National Championship, using a bike I am particularly proud of - our trick little CZ-125...

Funny, too, as when the season started everybody told us that we were crazy to field a 125 CZ... That a 125 CZ had no chance of winning, etc., etc., etc. Yet when the season was over Wade either won or finished second in every moto he was entered in. Results for the season are here:

Wade also finished 3rd in the AHRMA National title chase in the tough 50+ Expert class. He would have won it, too, but he had a big crash at one event and badly hurt his ankle, putting him out of that class motos for that day. Here's Wade with the two CZ's we used in 2012...

It should be noted that Wade is 51 years old, and a number of the guys in the 125 that were contesting him for the National title were quite a bit younger than he was!

Let me add, that in racing our CZ's in numerous vintage events since 2008 we never had any sort of seizure... Not even a hint of one. In fact, except for a couple of old, hard-to-find internal rotor Motoplat ignitions we use on the 125 crapping out we have never had a single mechanical failure resulting in any sort of DNF. In our experience the CZ is without a doubt the most reliable, easy to maintain, cheap to own and operate vintage MX bike on the planet. I'm incredibly proud of our wonderful little Czech machines!

Uh, oh, though... I'm breaking all those unwritten rules and regulations not posting pictures of Super Tenere's!!!

Now, moving on...

Originally Posted by Geology Rocks View Post
Everytime I post in this thread i post a photo of my bike. If i could ride my bike i would ride somewhere interesting and take photos, but I cant and it sucks.

Being delivered

Yeah, I know I, along with tons of others, get especially excited, enthused, and ecstatic over pics of spotless, shiny S-10's in front of a garage or on a trailer!!!

But I have to admit I didn't do the wheelchair stint, though I do have plenty of flight hours on walkers, crutches, and I still often have to use a cane... So much so I now have a carbon-fiber one!!!

Originally Posted by pluric View Post
Well there is "Something about Hillary".

Geez, Pluric!!! Why did ya' have to go and post something like that!!!
No wonder you got banned!!!

Oh, SH*T!!!

I better get a pic of my Super Tenere in here *QUICK*!!!

Whew!!! There... I feel better now! *


* I was back in those bushes taking a p*ss back when I was riding the Talimena Parkway in OK...


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