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Originally Posted by Guy Young View Post
Not true.

Multi 4-cylinder bike carb banks are divided in two sections, a left bank, and a right bank, and they each have balance screws.

Balance the left two, then balance the right two. Once that is done, connect your device to one of the carbs on the left, and one of the carbs on the right - then - balance the two banks with the central balance adjuster.

Same concept as using a TwinMax.

I started thinking about that after I posted. Wasn't sure if you would adjust left pair, then adjust middle pair but only by the screw on the right most and so on. It makes more sense now that you mention a central adjusting screw for each pair so you can balance right bank versus left bank.

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Thanks everyone....Ryan seeing as your the closest...PM sent

Its Ninja tuneup day....
At first glance I thought it was a Ninja 250. Looking closer the differences show.
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