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Just thought I would post up after reviewing the whole thread, and getting to talk to Neil (niel?, neal? bob?) at Long Beach.
Yes I will have one (soon), but like most 'mericans that get injured, I added the recovery 70. (fatty gunna fat) and almost all of it in the belly.
Dont laugh, I had every question answered, danced around the tiny booth, wanted to adopt one to take with me everywhere, and even got a fitting. Yeah the look on his face when my "no it wont fit" was realized (hurt puppy look).
I will be back to order one up - soon. Probably even in the dont hit me day or night setup and spot me from 2 cities over color.

Oh and the new vest is nice, even though I am in fatty no buckle size, the vest is tall enough for a 6'2 or 3" almost all torso build. I have wide (swim) shoulders and had no fitment issues in the try on. Build quality is clean and tight.

Thanks again for the time (I still do not understand how you can answer so many crazy "wat is dat?" and "do it go under my jacket?' style questions at the show)

(and thanks for the info on the NEXX helmets)
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