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Originally Posted by FAW3 View Post
I have a you in my youth I had a Trail 70. The CT-90 is a classic of great design, materials, and construction. Easy to work on and parts largely available via several sources. My family and I enjoy ours very much, we use it on our property, the area and roads around our house, and take it as a bumper bike on many RV trips. I have introduced several folks to riding via the CT-90. The dual range transmission is fantastic. Ours is titled and tagged for street use. I vote "reliable and tough"...within reason.

Shortcomings are as mentioned...the 6vt system, brakes, engine are all dated. The power of the 90/110 cc engine at one time was considered "ok"...the reality today is most of us are a lot heaver than when we were 13 and these things are slow....slow to speed, slow to stop, and were often riding them "a bit" heaver than the ideal weight as intended by Honda.

I love the Honda CT series...and I enjoy mine as a hobby bike. I honestly love this bike, the fun and all the memories. As a play/hobby is great.

If I was buying a bike to do serious miles, dual sport suspension, good lighting, carry 200# pounds, go at least 55/65mph...I would choose another bike. We have a DR200, and it does all the above. Similar offerings: XT225, KLR250, the bike with the huge tires that I can't remember right now.

As it is...I have a couple of MC's and one is the CT90...and it's a blast!
Good intel on the CT when/if I find one it will be strictly for play on the trails behind my house and the occasional beer run a mile away.
A friend of mine has two pretty nice ones that he does not ride and are collecting dust in his store room He's a hoarder and I haven't managed to talk him out of them yet.
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