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Originally Posted by Bonerov View Post
. . .

Additionally, it may be a case where the screw could unfortunately be
too short. At a local hardware store you should be able to find a longer
screw (M3 x 6mm long screw) which will fit the mount. Please let me know
if this remedies the trouble.

With Best Regards,

Matt S
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Garmin International
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It's too easy to hand a Garmin problem back to the Customer via email. I would not accept this response. I know it takes time away from your personal life but make a phone call and don't hang up until you have the issue resolved. Escalate to a Supervisor if need be. If that doesn't work for you maybe sending this Prod.Support response email to Mr. Cliff Pemble would be a good idea.

If I were a Garmin Exec I'd be embarrassed by the Product Support suggestion that the Customer should "fix" a engineering/manufacturing defect in my product.

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