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Finally got the welder sorted out:)

The welder was giving me trouble, but I think that is finally sorted out. It is so much easier to get things done when your equipment is working properly

One of the issues with the XS650 as an ADV bike and the new suspension is that the 1979 XS650 Special had the pegs too high and too far forward. The frame does have exhaust mounts on the frame that are much closer than the stock peg mounts so I am trying to use those to lower the pegs and move them back underneath the rider. Here are a couple pics with both the stock pegs and the new locations:

The toughest part abount moving the pegs for me (whether it is rear-sets on the cafe or these) is getting the rear brake pedal and the exhaust clearences to all work out. In this case I didn't need to reverse the brake pedal pivot like when you do rear-sets, but I still needed to get the brake pedal to actuate the rear brakes while still clearing the exhaust and foot pegs. Clearing the exhaust was done by building the right peg mount around it. Then it was getting the brake pedal to fit between the peg mount and the exhaust.

We used the original XS650 rear brake pedal and pivot with the YZ125 cable to the rear wheel. Once I had the pegs in place we could measure the original brake pedal to section out 1/2".

Here is the stock pedal where it would hit the new peg mount:

And here is the sectioned lever that clears the exhaust and the peg mount:

Then to make it stand on it's own the side stand needed to be extended due to the new suspension. The first time I did it it was still too short. It leaned way over and only needed a nudge to fall over on the stand side. Here is the 2nd extension.

I still need to add gussets to the foot peg mounts and trim the brackets of the excess metal. I got new grade 8 bolts to mount the plates to the frame, but I'll probably add some side plates around frame mounts to stiffen it up.
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