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Originally Posted by stooy View Post
G'day Everyone,

I have organized to go to a track day at a local race track on Saturday, even though it is summer here we are forecast for 20-40mm of rain.

I have raced this track in the dry and did quite well, while I have ridden swiftly on the road in the rain I have never really pushed the limits in the wet, I am looking for advice around tecniques and what to expect/look for.
Riding it and racing it are too very different things.

I ride a DRZ400SM with Avon Distanzia SM. In the dry I pace the slower super sport bikes (catch them in the corners loose them on the straights).

My questions are as follows.
How will I know when I am close to the limit? / What should I do if I get the bike sliding?
Hmm, you just know... I can't put words to the feeling. You should do nothing or perhaps a bit less of whatever it was you where doing, but the difference between a bit less and highside can be hard to define too.

Eg. If the bike is starting to slide coming out of the corner, just hold the throttle steady and stand the bike up a bit.

OTHO, If the front is starting to tuck give it a bit of gas to relieve the pressure on the front.

Should I still be hanging off the bike with my knee down or should I be using a different body position?
I've ridden my DRZ both knee down and foot out. Foot out will be a bit easier to flat track and save a low side specially in the rain.

What a common mistake made in the wet when pushing?
Not approaching the limits gradually.

Anything else you think I should know?
Do everything a more gradually than you do in the dry. If you find the limit of tire traction by being just a bit over it you can start to learn, if you find yourself allot over it because you bit off too much at one time you are either going to have the correct learned reaction or you're going to slide down the pavement.

That being said, a ride down the road in leathers isn't bad so don't let that be a deterrent from pushing your comfort zone.
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