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Originally Posted by R1150GSA
Thanks, Photog. Now I just have to figure out which "hot-up" mod to make first. I sure would like to go a little faster. Though I suppose I should wait until it's broken in first, huh?
The mods on mine were done at 116 miles by the PO. He couldn't get it dialed in, got transferred to Ireland, and so I got the bike and completed the work.

As long as you're happy with the performance, I'd say just break it in, get to konw it, and enjoy it. You can then decide what kind of improvements you want--midrange, top end, whatever--based on your typical riding. It will gain some speed as it breaks in, the brakes will feel better, and the Bitubos will break in a bit so that they're not quite as harsh (you may want to play with the adjustability a bit).

There are some fairly inexpensive mods you can do that won't compromise reliability. Usually the first thing people do is go for a Sito Plus exhaust ($99) and then help the intake with a Uni filter and maybe a larger carb. That way you retain the stock barrel and just help it inhale/exhale better.

Another common mod is to do something about the seat. The rest are the neato things you can do--racks, cosmetics, lighting, and so forth. SIP has an outrageous collection of performance mods and scooterworks has all the stock parts and common upgrades.

I ran some errands today and the bike was just perfect--post office, bank, grocery store, and just cruising around. It's a timeless design, perfectly suited for both knocking around and getting stuff done. is an ugly site but full of good info on service procedures including the 500 mile service in case you're curious. Check out the LML Star 125 link. Star = Stella (get it?) here in the US. Over in NZ the LML Star 150 is known as the Belladonna -- their site is actually a bit more informative than the Stella site IMHO.
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