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Big Ruckus, a new way of life???

Making my first post after reading many threads from this forum from the sidelines. I've been on a scooter/motorcycle kick for about 3-4 months now (I've never owned or rode either one) and keep getting talked out of it for different reasons either by myself or others. Along the way, the Honda Ruckus really jumped out at me the most from looking at a local dealership website, but quickly realized 49cc & my 260 lb pound self did not make for good physics. I read up and found that people across the nation had a fix for this called the GY6 which would put the little rascal at 150cc, and although the mod seems to spark some independent thinking/building it also comes at a price and wrench time (which I have no experience with).

Somehow, during my research I came across the Big Ruckus and thought to myself if I was going to be seen riding a scooter this was definitely IT, from the black/yellow color scheme to the design. Then, I found out they stopped making it!!! That really threw me for a loop because I figured if I could dig the way this thing looked that much, then everybody would be all over it. So, once I realized how rare they were and finding one with low miles was even more rare, I gave up. I couldn't give up on the design so I found the imitation SSR Rowdy which I was about to throw down some money on because it seemed to be an inexpensive learning lesson, but I just couldn't commit to a 150cc engine, much less not knowing how reliable this little machine would be. I was told to look at the Bergman's which from my research seemed to hold their own for reliability, but the style just wasn't for me. I pretty much threw my hands up with all the different +'s & -'s of all the different scooters/motorcyles out there until this last week when I made my search a little more aggressive for the BR and actually found something worthwhile.

So, finally I think I've found my BR... It's not the black/yellow, but with that low of miles I'm good.

I'm heading out in the AM to go and pick it up. I was curious if there was any advice on checking this thing out tomorrow? I'll be traveling about 6 hours to pick it up so I'll have plenty of time to go through any and all last minute advice.

Once I do buy tomorrow my next big hurdle is I haven't been on a bike but twice in my life when I was a teenager I rode a friend of mine's dirt/road bike in the fields of Idaho with no traffic and no obstacles and all I remember is getting up to top speed and didn't have to touch the clutch again. Since then, my experience has been a couple of automatic quad's and that's about it. I have a lot of friends that have always been trying to push me to get a bike for road trips and how "it will change my life..." but that just hasn't been in my path yet.

My two reasons for buying a scooters are:
The biggest reason I'm looking at a scooter is I'm tired of travelling around the same 5 mile radius everyday and getting 12 miles to the gallon in my truck and watching that odometer just roll over, which I bought my truck to haul and pull stuff, not just ride around.
The other reason is I tell everyone I live in a neighborhood with too many stop signs and red lights and I didn't want to throttle and clutch all the time through the lights on a bike so that's why I was looking at a scooter, truth be told I don't remember a thing about riding that motorcycle the one time I did, except for it was confusing until I got to the last gear and just cruised.
So, needless to say, looking for beginner riding advice as well as Big Ruckus owner advice. I had read in another forum, totalruckus, where someone had posted to another first timer/beginning rider to buy an inexpensive scooter to get experience before touching his BR. Well, I didn't take the crawl before I walk approach and don't have the cash to have multiple scooters, but I certainly don't want this BR to sit there and look pretty for fear of totaling it out... I do plan on taking a 15 hour course which is designed for motorcyclist in my state, but like I said any other pointers for a beginner would be nice.

I do understand this is a forum and most all of the answers I seek could possibly be found by reading all the Wiki's and posts, but I feel that I've read enough on this site as well as others where I've been actually inspired to buy instead of discouraged.

Thanks in advance.
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