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Multipling entities beyond necessity???????

I went to take QHFAN2 to the airport and the GS wouldn't start
It wouldn't jump start or bump start
After wasting time with that BS, we hitched a ride and she made it with just minutes to spare. But our driver scared the bejesus out of us making some crazy passes on the curvy road to get us there in time. I think he shortened my life by a good 3 years (but it is the last 3 years so no real big loss)
Now I am stuck here in paradise until can figure out what the problem is. I am hoping it is just a dead battery.
But it got me thinking..................what if this happened in one of the remote places I like to camp and spend the night? I would probably still be there.
And what's up with the GS not wanting to fire with a dead battery. There must be a way to get the bike going by push starting it. I think if the voltage is too low, the electronics don't do their thing to get the sparkplug to spark. I need to have some sort of back up for this to get my bike going so I am not stranded in some remote location (without cold beer)
Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated here!!!!
When I got back to the place here, I rode the crappy little Italika Mexican scooter down in to town for some street tacos and a beer. And I was bouncing down the dirt roads for my tasty tacos, I thought................this crappy little scooter is not so bad after all. It rides like shit but it starts, goes and does all the things that it needs to do. Unlike my BMW !!!!!! My GS manual says it has 110 horsepower. But right now it has zero - nada - zilch. That scooter has maybe 8 or 9 but it is simple and it goes.
It got me thinking if my BMW is too much. It maybe too complicated for a trip like this by myself. Maybe I should be on a bike with carbs and points and a distributer cap. Have things gotten overly complex in this world? Am I multiplying entities beyond necessity? Interesting arguement.................YOUR THOUGHTS???????
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