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UPS charged me GST (SALES TAX) on a $210 parcel from the US to Australia, which had a set of matching Acerbis jacket and pants.

Limit is supposed to be $1000- before tax is charged.

They claimed that any more than one item of clothing was a "commercial" transaction, and charged me GST on their estimate of the retail value in Australia, on the basis that I was a dealer and would be reselling the goods.

Apparently there is provision in the tax act for taxing multiple purchases if there is a likelihood that they are for resale, UPS decided that any more than one was multiple , even if the were different items

They also charged me a handling and estimate fee of around $120-, to cover their cost in ripping me off.

It took them about three weeks to do the valuation , so buy the time they sent me the bill It had taken almost six weeks, and as I wanted the outfit for a trip I just paid up - I wasnt going to get the goods any other way.

So I had to add $170- to the cost of my two piece suit, still cheaper than the list for it in Oz but not but as much as I was expecting.

IMHO UPS are just a bunch of common criminals, and I wont deal with anyone who uses them.

Never had any problems with USPS, cost wise or delivery.
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