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Originally Posted by QCRider View Post
Meant to ask you.. which way did you take to go across Costa Rica?

I think I recall you mentioned something about San Jose traffic being bad. Did you follow Hwy 1 and 2 (ie. PanAm), which would have taken you thru San Jose? Or did you follow the coast line via Hwy 1 / 34 / 2 ? Hope you did the latter as it's much faster than the PanAm way to cross CR border to border.

I followed the Pan Am and made a gross navigational error looking for 34, realized my mistake when I came to a dead end and had to back track 70k. I have to stop asking for directions. It never fails to screw me up.

I realize now I had not correctly installed my Central America GPs maps and only had partial functionality all the way through Central America. I could only see the main roads on the maps and could notask for directions to an address etc. It's why I had such a hard time getting out of Bogata today. I fixed the download for SA tonight and now my GPS works again.

My problems were further complicated by the wonderful set of maps I bought that have everything but route numbers on them WTF?

Note to potnetial travelers, buy the full sized map for each country from ITMB Publishing of Richmond BC, It's expensive but worth it

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