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Originally Posted by blacktiger View Post
Firstly, I owned a Scram for 2 years and 15000 miles between 2009~2011. I got it dirty loaded up...

It will do it all but not in any sort of comfort IMO. I found it beat me to death every ride because of its short suspension.
Originally Posted by satcen View Post
Welcome Tiger, it´s nice to have you back. You´ve missed one thing: XC 800 looks like a 21st century UFO, not like H.M. MOTORCYCLE ... but I agree with all you mentioned. On the other hand - adding comfort, weather protection, suspension, load, speed ... you loose great part of "scramblering". TIGER 800 is great consumer product, Scrambler is not. It is too "radical" for it. Two different conceptions for different audience. I like both of them but I want just the ONE.
Two great viewpoints. And I suppose it depends on how YOU want to LOOK.
You are gonna look tired everytime after a weekend (or more) of living the 'adv life' on a Scrambler. You pay to look so Steve McQueen cool. But you do look cool.

The Triumph XC, a beemer or a KTM will take you farther back in, quicker, easier, more comfortable all while carrying more gear.
And really you will look more like a true adventurer than trying to pull it off on your Scrambler.
But sure you can do it. Some say what a breeze it is. I did for a while.
If you do, relax! Take your time and tell your buddies to wait at the Y's in the road.
Try to remember to stand on the bump you hit, and then bottom out, which will jamb your spine up to your ears... Ask me how I know.
I have gone to motel style travel (or staying at friends) on my Scrambler. Using a tank & light tail bag. I keep it to fire roads or logging roads and twisties!
Its much better at that.

With that said I have been to some cool places on the Scrambler.
Its a decent bike to relax and enjoy a good ride - a modern classic. And easy to dress up in your style.

IMO it travels best like this... light.

But if you like it, just go for it!

Sorry for the same old pictures...
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