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Originally Posted by Ren20 View Post
Some one show me how to adjust the clutch properly?

As you recall, I did the NSU screw fix Saturday. Tried to put the clutch release arm back to original position. but the clutch lever has no tension. Does the arm need to be in specific angle before I adjust the cable?

I did a search. Someone mentioned the release arm could be in a wrong position.

teach me please
I just did my NSU screws a few days ago as well. I noticed on the inside of the clutch cover/left side engine cover, where the clutch rod fits into the cover/case, there are serrated 'teeth' on both the inside of the cover and the end of the clutch rod. These teeth need to engage each other. Basically when you installed the engine/clutch cover, the teeth of the clutch rod should have been at about a 3 o'clock position as you look at the bike from the left side while installing the cover.

While I'm not sure I am using the correct terminology for these parts/covers, etc., this is the best way I can explain the process. I would hazard a guess that when you re-installed the clutch/engine cover; these sets of 'teeth' are not engaging each other....?

When I did the NSU fix, I removed and re-installed the entire clutch assembly. It all went back together rather smoothly, and the bike runs/rides perfectly upon the test ride almost immediately after the repair.
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