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Sounds like you have air in the system. You need to pump fluid from the reservoir through the brake line out the caliper until it runs clear. Pump until tight, loosen bleed valve, squirt, hold lever, tighten bleed valve, repeat. You cant short cut it.
Use bleed tube on nipple of course.

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I replaced my brake fluid tonight on the front... didn't realize I needed a socket for the rear so it still has the old stuff.

Anyway, how do I know if I did it correctly? I used a syringe and pumped it up from the caliper to the reservoir instead of using the lever to pump it out. I then did a few pumps with the lever doing it the normal way to make sure no air in the caliper. I can pull on the lever and it activates the brakes early in the available movement of the lever, but if I pull harder I am capable of pulling the lever back to the grip. The pads are brand new...

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