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I do have to wonder what "limits" there are on being one's self in a ride report. I am someone who thinks a lot (doesnt mean im good at it), and I cant see doing a ride report without adding my thoughts.

The problem is, my thoughts are fairly technical and sometimes terse (or "academic")- its how I keep things straight in my own mind. I have been told in other threads that my style of writing is "pompous" and basically not welcome. I like to expand on ideas a lot (by using parenthesis). I seem to illicit anger from some people even though I dont attack them, and why should I even write a ride report in that case? I dont want to cause issues- I just want to be myself and people can take from that what they will.

My trip to Alaska this year is really a mixture of a passion for motorcycles, a passion for traveling, and a passion for trying to learn what makes the world tick. Human "society" beyond just the people themselves is nothing but a complicated beaver dam- we take existing materials from the earth and make them into motorcycles, gasoline, plastic, beds, houses, etc etc to suit us. We spend time submitting to labor to get money which gives us a means to have these things above, and so a cycle is formed. We judge each other based on what we get, on how much we get, etc. Not to ramble on, but thinking about things like the above is part of what a motorcycle trip is all about for me- am I really allowed to be that me here? Is a ride report supposed to be what the readers want author be damned, or is the report supposed to be first and foremost about the author audience be damned?
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