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Originally Posted by bobnoxious67 View Post

Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a personal need list for what they want and need out of a bike...but you can't really pick and choose which bikes get which label (well, i guess you can in your own head...). If it goes in the dirt and is legal for the's a friggin dual sport or dual purpose bike. Period.

Your personal idea of a perfect 50/50 dual sport is different from mine
Good point. Everyone has their own opinions but, a 50/50 dual sport should be exactly that otherwise it's a 60/40 or 40/60 or some other percent dual sport. If your idea of a perfect Dual Sport is a GNCC replica or a Gold wing with knobbies that's fine but neither bike is a 50/50 Dual Sport.

I have a 450 EXC ('05 before they were plated) & it's light years ahead of my KLR 650 IN THE DIRT. I have thought about getting it plated as that would be convenient for forrest roads & SHORT trips to a riding area, & maybe I will someday. However a plate & some mirrors won't turn my cross country racing bike into a true 50/50 D.S. bike any more than removing the lights, mirrors & putting agressive knobbies on my KLR will turn it into a cross country racing bike.

I stand corrected. A plated 450 EXC or a GS 1200 IS a dual sport or dual purpose bike but, neither bike is a 50/50 D.S./D.P. bike.
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