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Originally Posted by blacktiger View Post
Firstly, I owned a Scram for 2 years and 15000 miles between 2009~2011. I got it dirty loaded up...

And then washed it...

And let it dry...

It will do it all but not in any sort of comfort IMO. I found it beat me to death every ride because of its short suspension. I traded for a Tiger800XC in June 2011 and it's so, SO much better at everything. So, at the risk of upsetting the hardened Scram owners, you need to trade the Scram and your current Tiger and get the 800XC. It really does do it all. It copes with this sort of stuff...

Even with luggage...

And do 400+ mile days in comfort.
Love the XC 800 but it just hasn't got the feel of the scrambler,had mine for 3 yrs gone anywheremy mates dirt squirts have gone just a little bit slower.
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