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Just when I decided to purchase the NC700X in the spring, Honda announced this bike. Now I have no idea which one to get. I'm now riding a Suzuki GS500F which by the way seems to have to same specs as the CB500 in terms of HP and torque. I have no complaint with the power of my bike for the most part, just wish there's a little bit more torque when riding 2up for a smoother take off. I'm just looking for a new bike, especially adventure/ adventure style bike due to the fact that they have a wide selection of hard cases and actually look cool with them on(I don't want ride something like a Goldwing just yet); and the more relax riding position for commuting and touring.
Now with this new bike cost about $1000 less than the 700X, I could use that $1000 for side cases and some other accessories. Not to mention I can actually get ABS without opting for DCT.

By the way, I don't fantasize about riding off road. I don't have the extra cash for spare parts or a good health insurance if anything happens. So "off-road" capability doesnt really concern me.

What do you guys think? $1000 for that extra 13 NM of torque? or should I spend it on the accessories?
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