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Originally Posted by Johno33772 View Post
I run both Chev & Ford Vans in Electrical contracting biz....all E250' or 2500's
The Chevy vans ride more like a car IMHO, are more comfortable. The opening on the rear door is about 2" lower in height compared to the Ford. The Ford sits higher & seems to handle weight a little better. The pasenger side in the Ford is more cramped for legroom. Chev had a major paint peel issue on the early 2000 to about 2006/7 vans where the paint just peels off ????
The best performance/ fuel economy has to be the Chevy 5.3l & I towed my 10000' Boat with ease.
The extended version are better if you plan to have bikes inside & passengers.
I have had vans that just fall apart at 100k and others that just keep on going, on both brands.
The only Van that I reallly regretted buying was a Dodge 2500...biggest piece of shit, no wonder they stoped making them!
Lately I have been buying off lease vans (U-haul) best value howevern ther are way more than you want to spend.
Good luck

awesome datapoint with the post thank you.

Thats not the first time I've heard about paint issues on the Chevy. Was it an intermittent problem or universal?
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