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Originally Posted by LoneTraveler View Post
I'm in this very same predicament: Looking to buy either a leftover 2012 Concours or a 2013 S10.

I do have the luxury of having a 2000 Concours that I planned on keeping anyway (she's got 77k miles, I'm third owner, and it has a salvage title, so no point trying to sell it whole again) that works very nicely as my long-distance, high-speed tourer.

Sure, it needs about $1500 worth of work right now (front and rear suspension both need to be redone, with new bushings, fork seals, etc.) Also needs new mufflers (rust), centre stand (MORE rust) and brakes (and brake lines.)

It's gotten to the point where it's beginning to nickel and dime me, but I love it. It was my first "real bike" (I had a Ninja 500 before this) and I've ridden it over 50k miles in the past 3 years, so I'm not ready to just give up on it yet! (I honestly just want to get it to the point where I get my 100k sticker from the Owners' Group...)

Concours 14 is faster than anything I'll ever imagine myself wanting to go. The maintenance on it also scares the living shit out of me. The S10 was a wildcard for me, but the more I look at it (and the more times I bother the local dealer about it) the more I want one.

Maybe I have some sort of weird fantasy of riding out to Moab and seeing all that beautiful desert. Or maybe it's the dream of riding up to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (The Darien gap is on that list too, but I think I'd do that on a KLR...) In any event, I can't afford/refuse to pay $20k for a BMW. So the S10 seems like it will fit the bill nicely.

That being said, I also do my own maintenance, and I am curious: how has the S10 been to live with day-to-day? Easy work for the most part?

I don't believe a Concours will be seen in any of the above photos.

I sold my FJR that I had fully intended to keep after not riding it once since buying the Tenere.

The Tenere just gives versitility to every ride. Check the spokes and gas.... that's about it.
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