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Regarding welders, I agree to skip a stick welder and if you have 220v available, it's hard to beat a 220v mig. I have a hobart handler 187, which I have been very happy with. If you can't find one used, it's been replaced with the handler 190 which I believe is spool gun ready for aluminum mig welding, and can be bought at tractor supply with a 10% off coupon. The 210s and up are more capable of thick stuff but if you're not going to do that much, you can get away with multiple passes and preheating with the 180-190A and have several hundred dollars left in your pocket. I also own a handler 140 for occasions when 110v is all I've got, it has been an excellent unit as well, and is more affordable. Either of them can convert between flux core and gas shield mig depending on location and situation in about 5 minutes, for the extra few bucks, skip the flux core only models. A nice site for more opinions and solutions on welding if you so desire is . Good luck with your shop! I recently moved and lost an awesome shop setup, trying to make use of much less space available to me now and this thread has had some nice ideas.
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