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So today I removed this dead POS

This is round two. When the first Shorai went belly up, they sent me this new larger one. And just like the first one it had to constantly be on the charger.
This time I let the bike sit for a whopping two weeks (...I know, two weeks, but I was doing other shit and riding my other bikes) and sure as hell it was almost totally drained. Even better, the bastard wont take a recharge. Like the first one, if it hits a certain point, there appears to be no coming back.

Shorai, here's a hearty

I've gone back to the heavy pig OEM battery. At least the bike will start and it seems to actually hold a charge.

Anybody want a Shorai charger? You get one of those batteries and you sure as hell are going to need it.

Oh and the obligatory...
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