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The undercoating I used on mine was 3M Ruberized undercoating 08883. It was easy enough to apply. If you make a mistake with it, you need to allow the product to dry, sand off the error and reshoot. Follow the directions and it is basically easy to shoot. I have not fully assembled my bike, so I have not tested this product to any extent at this time. I got my undercoating at NAPA. It only took one can to do the bottom part I did, but I had purchased a second can as a back up, anyway. Like say, I have not really had the bike on the road to test this produce under wear and tear or environmental conditions. 3M only says that if you topcoat it, the paint will discolor. This is not so for products as Rhino lining or Por-15. POR-15 will eventually turn a whitish color if exposed to UV light for prolonged time, so top coating is important if that is what your rig runs in, but some folk deny their POR-15 coating ever needed a top coat. This stuff is not impervious to heat, so just be aware of that should you choose to use it.

Be sure to tape things off well and be aware that you can have some overspray with this product. I used one of those hand handle devices on the can so I didn't have to hold the nozzle down with my thumb all the time. Shake the can very, very well, as the directions indicate. The can comes with a backup nozzle in the cap, too. You can shoot on an initial coat and later come back and touch it up very easily.

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Good luck on your choice.
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