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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
Well, I just posted a question re: K bikes, then of course, found this thread I currently ride an '88 K75 and just yesterday looked at a '93 with only 4500 miles. The obvious fuel tank/fuel line/injector problems have been dealt with, but still.....he's asking $4850 for it, but must admit. It is "showroom". Any thoughts?
This SO totally subjective.

Seems high for an older K. But there is ALWAYS a difference between what a vintage/classic/older bike is "worth" and what the seller THINKS it is "worth". The bitch is that it is REALLY tough to get any hard data on sales of these bikes (or any older bikes).

So it just winds up being one guy's (often emotionally and/or financially driven) opinions against another guy's opinions. The seller THINKS his bike is worth X, and the buyer ONLY wants to pay X amount. Most likely, there is at least SOME disparity between X and X. The seller wants to get all he can on a bike he has been invested in, and the buyer wants a "deal" on a bike that he has some measure of attraction to. What it comes down to is: are you WILLING and/or ABLE to suck it up & kick it out? AND do you HAVE to have THIS bike NOW, or can you hold out for another bike that you can get on [something closer to] your terms. How bad does the seller want to sell? does he HAVE to sell? Or can he just sit it out?

There are endless scenarios here. Offer a lower price that you consider to be reasonable, and gauge his reaction. Either way, you're holding the folding, and he wants to sell.
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