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Originally Posted by levain View Post
The US-30 works, but it seems a little oafish. US-20's look right. US-30 just looks big, but not nearly as out of place as most aluminum rectangles look. I only have a down sleeping bag stuffed in it so the bag takes a goofy shape. I'm sure if it was actually loaded it wouldn't look so funny. The bag is rock solid on the rack. Doesn't move at all. I may play around with some type of solid something in the bag to stiffen it up a little. It seems to need that.

US-20 fits the rack almost like its made for it.

I still need to play with the straps, and I need to get another set of alloy straps. They work better for this application giving more options for mounting. I may even try the rack loops for the bottom of the wolfman rack since there are two perfectly drilled holes in the rack already. Not sure what they're for, but I think the Kriega rack loops will screw in fine.

I strapped the top strap around the passenger grab rails. These aren't taking any of the weight. They're more just holding in place, then the bags are held tight to the rack with the straps. The Alloy loops work best around the subframe under the seat. Location seems just about perfect.

Once the straps are in place, the bags are on/off in seconds. Esp. with the alloy loops, you almost don't notice anything is there.

I tried strapping a US-10 to the US-20 and it just got weird. I think if the US-20 had a sidewall for rigidity it would work fine, but there was no support. That will have to be phase 2.

I'm not sure I would bother with this if I didn't already own my Kriega bags. It seems that there are other options out there that would be cheaper and give the same result, but for those of us that own these bags, but want to use them as panniers, this is an option. I haven't lived with this set up on the road yet, but it looks to me like it's going to work fine. Just from playing with it in my garage, it actually seems a lot easier to get on/off than using the bags in standard form on the seat.
Hi levain,

Yeaaaahhh... As mentioned previously, our new Overlander 15 packs differ significantly from the US tail packs in the following areas:

  1. Heavy duty 1000D Cordura construction to resist abrasion if and when the bike gets sleepy, and rips that could occur from close calls with rocky outcrops, branches, cactus etc. Also provides stiffness.
  2. Semi-rigid back to maintain the bag's shape when loaded.
  3. Stainless eyelets for secure attachment to pannier platforms.
I absolutely admire your dedication and loyalty to your trusty US packs , but would definitely recommend some additional padding in the base (and possibly the outer face - perhaps a layer of foam between the outer shell and inner white liner)) of the bags and solid strapping support below them.

At the moment you're relying on the quick-release clips to support the entire weight. These things are more than up to the job of keeping a bag attached to a seat / rack, there's a definite possibility of them 'quick-releasing' a bit too quickly when asked to support vertical weight over rough ground.

I'm sure you're on top of these issues, but the last thing I want is one of them popping off and jamming in your rear wheel.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance.


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