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Originally Posted by Law Dawg (ret) View Post
I have been ground camping all my life (60 years old now)...until the new set if Titanium knees became the last option. Crawling around on the knees has become unbearable. Now I use a hammock tent kit. Specifically;

Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 double hammock.
Hammock Gear down under and top quilts.
Arrowhead Equipment Toxaway tarp.
Assorted stakes and other set up stuff.

It is the most comfortable and simple to set up (after a steep learning curve) kit I have ever camped in. Packs up small and weighs very little. What to do when there are no hanging points for the kit? Plan better and get to a place where there are. The tarp works for any weather I want to camp in, including pouring rain. It is great to heat up and enjoy your breakfast right from the hammock without worrying about burning the tent down.

Which brings this to food. Long dirt trips that are unsupported by a sag wagon, eateries, or stores means using backpacking dehydrated has come a long way flavor wise. My stove cooking will always involve only boiling water because all else can be done on an open fire with aluminum foil or a stick. The cooking kit;

Folding backpacking Propane/Butane stove with canisters...just too simple to use.
Light weight pot for water.
Light weight cup.
Insulated sealing cup for hot caffeinated beverages.
Spoon, fork, (sporks stink) and Swiss Army knife.
Aluminum foil and spices.
LawDog nailed it. I have almost the same gear and I have never been more comfortable camping.

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