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A 2010 MTS owner checking in here, with nearly 21k miles.

A few days ago the bike has developed an unusual problem with multiple symptons. First, the black key no longer worked - bike didn't recognize the presence. So I changed the battery in the key. Still no go. I've tried more than one new battery. Second, the steering lock is no longer working. When I try to use the lock, very quickly an error code flashes - something about a red key not releasing. Third, the handlebar switch for turning the bike on and off no longer works. The gas tank on / off button still works, but it is intermitant. Or in other words it doesn't work in the same manner as before Lastly, the red ring no longer flashes like normal when the bike is off. Usually the red ring flashes every 15 - 20 seconds. Now it stays off completely or flashes at a much much longer interval.

I'm thinking there is something wrong with the key receiver and or immobilizer. But what do I know? I'm just the rider. The inbuilt Battery voltage menu shows 12.6 volts.

All this is coming exactly 1 month out of the standard Ducati warranty. I bought the "Ever Red" warranty just for this type of situation.

I'll probably drop the bike off at the shop in the next few days depending on my schedule.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome, especially on how the claim goes with Ducati's extended warranty program. "Ever Red". This will be my first experience with an aftermarket warranty.

I don't think this hiccup will change my opinion of the bike. Still love it!
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