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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
I agree with you. She should be using only the front brake unless she's on a cruiser with a ton of weight on the rear wheel.
I wish people would stop saying things like this...

brake...weight shifts forward..forks compress...front tyre profile changes to provide more contact with road so front brakes are more effective..

this simply doesn't happen with the rear brakes..

IMO a heavy cruiser has just as much reason to front wheel brake (in conjuction with the rear) than any other bike.....when the conditions allow it.

As for the newbie choice presented by Wraith...I'm going to go with "none of the above".

Instead I'd teach a newbie to brake properly...front and back, with no locking..and keep teaching until they can manage that before they get let loose on the road. Braking is a fundamental skill.
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