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Originally Posted by Little Bike View Post
Those boots look really nice - maybe the Gaernes for my budget....
I dont want to be a salesman, but I really hope you give a set of hinged MX boots a shot. At worst, you try them out, dont like them, and you sell them somewhere for 100 off what you paid for them. If you do end up finding them comfortable enough, score! Nothing will save your ankles like a good set of MX boots.

FYI, I researched the Gaernes and Sidis alot as I was between those. Heres what I found:
Sidis are lighter and less bulky. The TAs are probably the closest you will get to a comfortable walking boot, with the guernes close behind and the SRS's last.
Gaernes are better for wide feet
Sidis seem to have an edge in resisting water entry, though neither are advertised as waterproof.
Sidis have a shorter toe box, and so you tend to get better shifter feel
Gaernes seem to have an edge in comfort, though I have not compared them to my Sidis; my Sidis are the most comfortable boot ive ever worn, so the Gaernes must be insane.
Both are rebuildable (break a strap in a fall or whatever, you can get another instead of a new boot)
Sidis SRS with the user replaceable soles are stiffer, and thus not as comfortable to walk in- I got the TAs since I intend to dual sport with them.
Gaerne is much harder to spell

Both seem to be good. The Sidis seem to have an edge in bulk, while the Gaernes in comfort and price. Bulk is very important if you intend to walk in them all day, so think carefully. If you have a Cycle Gear near you, maybe you could go try them both on and see what you think?
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