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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post

I'm not trying to be a smartass here - I've worked at a scooter shop the
day the first Beverly came out 10 years ago.

I've been around them their entire production span, I know the problems
each and every single one of them had.

People tend to get dragged in these "romantic" video ads and seem to
think it's a God given top of the line scooter, while in reality it's really

The only thing hi-end about it is the price.
Even the Scarabeo that's virtually the same scooter.. is better.

The BV350 might be the exception here until they introduce the 330cc
engine to the rest of the scoots from Piaggio family of brands.

And yes, this "From a guy who rides a Kymco" (as the post said before
editing) - it's actually from a guy who rode most scooters on the market
in the last 10 years, and worked at a couple of shops on them.
I don't know how much the BV 350 sells for in your part of the world but it retails here for $5,500 which, while not being cheap, isn't outrageously over priced.
The new BV has received some pretty good reviews from the European press. It can't be that bad.
But in the end, to each his own.
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