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Originally Posted by GP640 View Post
Driven one have you?
I've got an f150 with the ecoboost and it does quite well. That engine in a full size van
might be pretty good.
Curious, I know the ecoboost are good engines and get good mpg. My friend gets low 20's with his F150 but doesn't haul with it at all. I wonder if the small turbo 6 gets worse gas mileage than a bigger v8 when hauling.
I just don't know, here are some made up numbers to explain my question
Ford 5.4 E250 unloaded 17.4 loaded with three bikes, gear and three guys get 16.2
Same van with an ecoboost might 19 unloaded but 15.1 loaded because the engine has to work harder to carry the load.
Totally made up numbers but anyone see numbers compared loaded or towing?
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