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Hey Sailah,
Thanks for a great input reply. I really value your experience and reply.

To address some of your concerns, I have weighed alot of these very factors and believe I am still on a good track to balance budget and performance. I have been watching ebay and other KTM related sites flea markets and any set off WP forks that are dual disc are often in the $1000 range with the cheapest I have seen at $400, but that was just forks. To get forks, triples, wheel, rotors, calipers and all hardware would usually about $1500 baring some deep deal connection.

I bought the KYB forks, triples, bars, caliper, MC, and brake line for $80 in useable condition, not beat down crap, reaseal and use if I so chose. I wont, but doable. I got a good condition complete straight front wheel with axle and Excel front rim and good bearings for $45.

No matter what forks I would buy I always revalve and spring for my style, too many years racing and knowing the value of the right set up. In the late 90s I even had suspension companies sponsor me and do my suspension for free, not bragging just saying I am experienced with what I want and who is the best for different brands. So any revalving and springing is a wash because I would do it on a KTM set up or my KYB.

On brakes and spokes, Yamaha uses larger holes in the hub and tapers the spokes down after they get past the hub. You can get a set of 1 over spokes and heavy duty nipples for $80 and I lace and true my own stuff. The brakes are very good on the late 90s n up Yamis and rival a single disc KTM set up. A supermoto 320mm rotor and offset caliper bracket kit from EBC is $180 for all. So far I am at $385 for the Yami KYB complete front end + valve and springs usually in the $300 range. I usually get forks and shock revalved and sprung for right about $500 from Enzo.

All in all I am at just under $700 bucks which is not much more than just a set of KTM fork legs that I would still need alot of other stuff. To go with a KTM set up I see about $2000 to get me where I am at.

I know many have struggled with heavy springs for non WP forks but I have found 2 different suppliers with plenty of high weight choices including progressive models. Most for under $80.

$1400 goes along way with the build I am trying to do and I am confident that the set up will work. If for some reason I am wrong and it is just not up to the weight and braking I want, then I am only out $700 and the forks will work great on some other project like a nice dual sport bike like an XR400 or XR 650R DRZ KLR......and I start over with the KTM stuff you suggest.

I really hope this does not sound confrontational at all, not meant that way and your input is taken under serious advisement, but it is where I am at and where I think I will go for now. I will let you know if it sucks....I admit my failures readily. I fail alot...just ask my wife...

I am actually still waffling on the bike to start with, that is my biggest issue. I have a perfectly good R80G/S that I am considering build as an HPN "style" adventure bike, simple and clean easily fixable anywhere and a popular bike. Issue is low HP imho. I have a good running low mile R1100RT that I like but have gotten bored with a bit on long slab stuff. Better HP that the airhead, but a bit heavier starting point. The swing arm and drive shaft do not need to be lengthened, that is a big plus. Then Russ Dursmaa has the cool HPN style trellis front frame like the R900RR bike for about $2000. My savings on forks is more than 2/3s the cost of that frame making it a possibility, but I also think I could build my own or modify what I have like larryboy did.

I also am really liking what JTH has done with his Sporty build.....too many choices, not enough time or money for all. In a perfect world.......

Thanks guys
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