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ok here's a look at this bike from my eyes. I'm in central Mississippi and I own 3 bikes right now, a 98 KTM200SXC, a 82 XL500R (moded with a 98 XR400R front end and other parts) and a 01 FZ-1. these 3 bikes fit 3 diffrent rides,

KTM off road
XL dual sport, dirt roads, some pavement and maybe some off road.
FZ-1 longer pavement runs and maybe some gravle if I just trully want to see something down it bad enough.

I'm looking to this new honda to fit between the XL and the FZ, something that I can do paved and gravle days with more comfort then the XL but feel a little safer on gravle then the FZ.

when I leave my house I take the bike that fits the ride i know I'm going on. also the price is a factor as well, I have 1200 bucks in my Old XL and I have 1500 in my FZ. I have 3 girls, one about to get marryed the second about to go into collage and my wife became unable to work 3 years ago.

this bike has a market. no it isnt die hard riders that want a adventure bike that can go off road it's people that will use it for what it is ment for, a afordable motorcycle that they can enjoy.
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